Merson blames Lampard for Rudiger’s departure from Chelsea

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Paul Merson has told UFABET Sports that Frank Lampard must be responsible for the Premier League third -placed Chelsea. With the loss of Antonio Rudiger. This summer, according to a report from UFABET.

The 29-year-old centre-back joined from Roma in 2017 and made more than 200 appearances and was instrumental in helping the Blues to trophies including the UEFA Champions League. Europa League and A. FA Cup and Club

However, there are reports that Rudiger is set to move to Real Madrid. After his contract expires this season. With Merson believed to be one of the main reasons. His lack of trust in the era of Frank Lampard until he decided not to renew his contract with the team.

“Losing Antonio Rudiger to Real Madrid was a heartbreak for Chelsea. But he probably made the decision 18 months ago through the actions of Frank Lampard.”

“Lampard removed him from the team and that was a blow to Rudiger’s mind and then he decided not to sign a new contract. “Last year I couldn’t see why a player moved to Real Madrid or Barcelona.”

“Chelsea are now as strong as Madrid, you can see this in the UEFA Champions League. Quarter-final, Blues only played bad for 45 minutes. But other than that, they are a team that is totally superior to Real Madrid.”

“Chelsea are now letting the defender cost £70-80m for free and they will go for a new player for £70m that is unmatched by Rudi. Guer joined the team, they have a strong defensive strength, while Rudiger and Andreas Christiansen are leaving, I like Trevoh Chaloba, but if playing in a three-centre-back system. They will have to find another defender to come in.”