10 ways to help quit smoking

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10 ways to help quit smoking

Most smokers want to quit smoking, more than 80 percent, with different reasons for wanting to quit. Statistics show that 80 percent of people who are able ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app quit on their own will use methods to stop smoking completely. Quitting smoking on your own This can be done with the following simple methods: 

1. Create motivation for yourself.

                    Motivation is the basic thing that helps to quit smoking. This may caused by the person we love. Or is it caused by the health of the smoker himself? The rising price of cigarettes, social trends, or an environment where people are becoming more health conscious.

2. Ask for advice.

                    To have proper guidelines for quitting smoking. You can ask for advice from someone close to you. Who has experience in quitting smoking. or directly from experts Currently, there are various agencies that provide advice on how to quit smoking, such as QuitLine 1600 and the Treasury Institute. and smoking cessation clinics in general medical facilities

3. Set goals for yourself.

                    You should make your own plan to quit smoking. You must set a date when you will quit smoking in order to avoid procrastination.

4. Don’t wait, take action immediately. 

                    You should prepare yourself. Start by disposing of all cigarette related equipment. And find things that can help reduce the urge to smoke nearby, such as snacks, candies, chewing gum, and citrus fruits.

5. Far from stimulants

                    During the period of quitting smoking You should avoid activities or going to places that are smoking areas and environments where there are smokers. Because it may make you want to smoke more.

6. Don’t obsess, don’t make yourself stressed. 

                    Stress is another important factor that causes people who intend to quit smoking to return to smoking. This is due to the misconception that cigarettes help relieve stress. When you feel stressed You should stop your brain for a moment. Then relieve stress in other ways, such as talking with people around you. or read a book you like

 7. Unshakable Stabilize your mind 

                    When you feel like smoking Please review your motivation. or the reason that made you decide to quit smoking This will give you encouragement and determination to continue quitting smoking.

8. Exercise regularly.

                    exercise In addition to helping control weight that may increase from quitting smoking, It also helps to clear the mind. relieve tension It can also increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs.

9. Do not challenge cigarettes by going back to smoking again from time to time.

                    Many people return to smoking from time to time thinking that it’s OK. which returns to smoking again, even if it is only once in a while, eventually making it impossible to quit smoking

10. Don’t be discouraged by having to start over.

                    You should encourage yourself and try to remember that. ‘I will quit smoking this year’