6 ways to choose soy milk to get the best value yummy to drink

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6 ways to choose soy milk to get the best value yummy to drink.

Soy milk has a popular health drink for a long time. Because it has complete nutrients It is also suitable for people with certain health limitations, such as those. Who cannot tolerate lactose in cow’s milk, namely those. Who have diarrhea, bloating, and stomach discomfort after drinking cow’s milk. People who have diagnosed with an allergy to cow’s milk protein and those. Who are vegetarians who do not choose to drink cow’s milk โปรโมชั่น ufabet But we often face problems. “Can’t choose” when you walk into a supermarket or grocery store where there are so many different soy milk formulas to choose from. Today we have tips from a dietitian to share with you. How should I choose soy milk? To be as healthy as possible

How to choose soy milk (There are so many places to choose from.)

1. Look carefully at the claims on the front of the box before anything else.  

You should look for soy milk or cereal drinks that are labeled…- less sugar, less sugar than regular formulas, less sweet, just the right sweetness- have calcium, high calcium- have vitamins, minerals. This is for preliminary screening. that That product takes care of the consumer in adjusting the nutritional value. Before picking it up, read the nutrition label for details.

2. Flip to see the number of servings.  

Reading nutrition labels gives us information about the nutrients in the products we are interested in. It is important that at the top of the nutrition label frame there is a label. “Number of servings” is included to show us that Boxed or bottled products that we carry “How many times should I divide it?” and other nutritional information below. It is information about nutrients. per eating 1 time, if anyone consumes the box that says Number of servings per box: 4, meaning it can be divided into 4 servings. But if we drink it all at once, Please multiply the nutrients you read by 4.

3. Look for protein content.  

Because soy milk or various cereal milk It has a lower protein content than cow’s milk. Therefore, we should compare the amount of protein from each brand carefully. Recommendations for consumption are There should be 6 grams of protein or more per serving or 1 general size box (volume 200-250 milliliters) compared to consuming one number 3 egg in order to get the protein at its best.

4.Read the sugar content.  

We all know that Sugar is one of the main causes of obesity problems. Still, let’s not even ban sugar. We can consume about 6 teaspoons of sugar per day without worrying about increasing our waistline. We can know that each box of soy milk Or how many teaspoons of sugar can each serving contain? By reading the amount of sugar in grams. from the nutrition label and divide by 4 to get the number of teaspoons of sugar per serving or box (because 1 teaspoon of sugar weighs approximately 4 grams). For example, one brand of soy milk claims on the label that it contains little sugar Then read that it has 2 grams of sugar, then we know that there is sugar in it. 2 divided by 4 equals 0.5 or half a teaspoon per 1 box of drinking. We can drink 2 boxes a day comfortably. (But you have to be careful of the amount of additional sugar from other sweet drinks as well.)

5. What about fat? Should I care?  

Many people are still afraid of eating fat. But in fact, fat can help in the absorption of various vitamins. Including antioxidants that play a role in fighting cancer. It also makes us feel full after eating. However, we should look at the saturated fat numbers on the nutrition label. which should not be given too much But by nature Soy milk has very little saturated fat (no more than 1-2 grams per box), so don’t worry.

6. Calcium, vitamins, and iron must present  

in addition to sugar and fat that we must pay attention to. Various minerals and vitamins obtained from consuming soy milk are also important. especially calcium which is a nutrient that is received little each day Many of you may have noticed that Why is the amount of minerals or vitamins stated on the label as a % or percentage? What this means is that if you consume 1 serving of that drink, you will receive the minerals or vitamins specified on the label. Percentage of daily needs, for example, if it is found to contain 50% calcium, it means that when drinking 1 serving of this milk, you will receive calcium equivalent to 50% or half of your daily needs.