Techniques for taking beautiful photos on your mobile phone for perfect pictures before uploading them to social media.

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Basic photography skills are qualities that every photographer has. But what can make your photography work different and interesting is taking photos with creative techniques, which may come from a unique perspective or idea. or using special techniques to adjust camera settings and accessories. Therefore, taking photos with creative techniques is an important photography skill that can be upgrad for photographers who want to create different works. It also helps create fun and enjoyment for people all over the world who are interest in photography as a hobby before becoming a professional photographer in the future.

Techniques for taking beautiful photos on your mobile phone for perfect pictures before uploading them to social media.

Enable Grid. A mode that every mobile phone has and is consider an important mode that makes taking your photos even easier. with the activation of Grid lines or nine grid lines That will help you check and arrange the elements of the image more accurately. To position people or objects in a picture Image accuracy that will make your photos look more complete.

Choose to use the shooting mode as. Techniques for taking beautiful pictures easily. Just use the various modes available in our mobile cameras to your advantage. You should look at the type of picture you want to take, such as wanting to take photos that focus on the person. Choose to use portrait mode. If you want to take wide-angle photos to capture the full atmosphere, choose a wide-angle lens. When taking photos in low-light areas or at dusk, use Night Mode. If you want to take beautiful views, use panorama mode, etc. Each smartphone may have different features for taking photos, so you should choose carefully. Report by UFABET

Adjust the light to increase or decrease the light appropriately. On mobile cameras, there are bars to move the brightness, darkness, and exposure compensation of the image. Therefore, adjusting the lighting will help you take beautiful photos in a variety of ways. Various picture styles are available depending on the lighting and lighting settings selected. You can also choose the Mood and Tone of the image very well.

Select Live mode to enhance naturalness. Live mode photography is a moving image, similar to a GIF image or a short video. This mode is suitable for people who like random photos or want the naturalness of the image. Many people like to take random photos of their moments by clicking repeatedly and then having to sit down and choose the photo they want. Most of which are blurr, shaky, or unusable, and also a waste of space. Therefore, live mode answers this question very well. Because you can choose to take a Live photo, then choose to capture the pose or beautiful picture you want.

Try taking pictures with different camera lenses. Today’s new mobile phones come with many built-in camera lenses. You can try using those lenses in your photography to get new, cool photos. Or accessories for mobile camera lenses that are also available for sale, such as Wide lenses, Fisdeye lenses, etc.

Choosing a good app is more than half the battle. In addition to developing smartphones to support taking more beautiful photos, another tool that helps you take beautiful photos is a mobile photography application. Nowadays, there are many apps to choose from that are very easy and convenient to use because you can choose the color tone of the photo, lighting effects or make-up assistant. To get a more beautiful picture, for example choosing cool Korean style lighting or beautiful Japanese style lighting or choosing colors that control the tone of the picture are also available to choose from.