Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-1 in the Premier League.

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Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-1 in the Premier League last night and are ready to return to the top of the table. But played two games more than Manchester City.

At the Emirates Stadium is a London derby battle between the cannons who are trying to win the championship at home. Navy blue lion Team in the bottom half of the table.

The picture of the game leaned towards. The Gunners clearly in the 15th minute almost taking the lead. When Leandro Trossar opened for Bukayo Saka to hit the ball floating, about to go under the crossbar. But Kepa Arrizabalaka Narrowly brushed off

But in the 18th minute, Arsenal took a 1-0 lead, Granit Chaka flowed from the left to Martin Odegaard, spinning with a left-hand curve, hitting the crossbar to wipe the goal cleanly UFABET

In the 25th minute.

Chelsea almost equalized from the first chance of the game, N’Golo Kante set up to the left, Ben Chilwell slipped away, Bukayo Saka slipped and shot to save Aaron Ramsdale.

The score moved to 2-0 in the 31st minute from a simple stroke on the ball on the left before Granit Xhaka opened in Martin Odegaard to charge and send the ball into the net.

The visiting team seemed to go down for a walk, hit another flower in the 34th minute, this time Ben White crossed deep into the far post. In front of Brazil, shoot without remains 3-0

After 5 minutes, the home team almost got another ball from the left corner. Opened into the middle of the door, Gabriel went up and hit the floating ball to enter the goal. But Thiago Silva rested his leg before hitting it away.

The artillery continued to advance. The next minute, another opportunity was missed. Granit Xhaka touched and escaped into the penalty area. But the shot with the left side did not pass. Kepa brushed the ball out of the back.

But in the 65th minute, Chelsea beat the egg, chasing 1-3. Mateo Kovacic long for Noni Madueke, inserted to the right, took the ball down before shooting with the left through Aaron Ramsdale. door

At the end of the game, Arsenal opened at home to beat Chelsea 3-1, bringing them back to the top of the crowd with 2 points over Manchester City. But played more than 2 games. While the Blue Lion ranked 12th with only 39 points.