Guti slams Anche for solving the game without ‘Haza

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Real Madrid legend Guti has blamed Carlo Ancelotti for failing to call up the attacking superstars who sat on the bench in their 4-0 defeat to Barcelona. On Sunday’s

El Clasico at the weekend, Real Madrid were sloppy as Barcelona led 2-0 in the first 38 minutes before adding two more goals. Halfway after the performances of Ferran Torres and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who scored two goals

today, it was interesting that Ancelotti also fixed the game at half-time. Removing Dani Carvajal from sending attacking forward Mariano on the pitch despite him having little chance of playing this season,

Ancelotti has refused to use the Supers. Attacking stars include Eden Hazard, Isco and Luca Jovic, but instead picked players like Mariano and Eduardo Camawinga.

“I’m Ancelotti. And I’ll look to sit back. I have Hazard, Jovic, Bale, Isco and you’re telling me that. Why didn’t I switch them onto the field? what happened I’m lost,” Guti told ufabet

. “I watched the match against Barcelona. I saw the Real Madrid bench and saw their first substitute in the second half to Mariano, how could that be? Why isn’t it Bale or Hazard?, the first attacker that Madrid has changed is Mariano, who hasn’t been in the whole season?”

Guti believes that there are all players in the Real Madrid team. I don’t want to play for the club anymore. ” Real

Madrid can’t play with just 12 or 13 players, big teams wanting European champions, league titles and the Copa del Rey can’t play. Only 14 kickers, what’s going on here?”

“Whoever doesn’t want to play He’s not part of Real Madrid, it’s as simple as that, but now it has to

be said. “Go to the press conference and honestly say I don’t want to play for Real Madrid, Madrid pay wages.