Ibrahimovic urges ‘Elanga’ not to give up and to be prosperous

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has suggested that youngster Anthony Elanga from both Sweden and Manchester United is sure to grow into a great player. If you don’t indulge, you think you’re good at it.

Swedish football legend And the former Red Devils. Spearhead came out to praise the 19-year-old future youngster. Who was given the opportunity to step up to the national team for the first time. After informing the full birth with the agency in this season.

Speaking to ufabet Sport, Ibrahimovic said: ‘He’s [Elanga] a great talent, we are proud and happy that he comes from Sweden. That he can represent Sweden now makes it even bigger.

‘He has all the future ahead of him, and if he continues just as he has done, it looks positive. It’s just fighting, never being content, striving for more. How much he can develop depends on him.’ 

Meanwhile, Elanga’s Manchester United team-mate Victor Lindelof said he was certain that the 19-year-old could handle the pressure of playing on the international stage. 

“He is a very talented player. We are very proud and happy that he is a player from Sweden. His coming into the Swedish national team made him even bigger,” Zlatan said ahead of Sweden’s World Cup play-off clash against the Czech Republic.

“He has a bright future ahead. If he continued to act the same as he is today It must be good Just keep fighting not familiar with the word enough try more How far he can develop depends only on him.”