What is fish shooting game and how to play?

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What is a fish shooting game? How to play?  Have fun every day. Enter the fun every night. Easy to refresh through online fish shooting games. A gambling game for the new generation that everyone must love. Especially if anyone likes fishing. You must not miss it! Because you will be immersed in and admire the beauty of marine life. And will be excited every second with the huge prize money Prepare to have fun And the beauty that doesn’t have to go anywhere far can be found at online fish shooting games.

Rules how to play fish shooting game online

-The game will start only when the player has passed the money transfer process into the game or has successfully exchanged cash for coins.

-After you The transfer is complete. So you can enter the fish shooting game right away. Wait a moment for the game to load, then choose a level or choose a room to fit your budget.

– Enter the game In general, online fish shooting games All players are given guns and ammunition. is the same amount as the investment budget However, some games May not provide a gun with ammunition together. Players must make their own purchases. Which by the part of the gun and ammunition, it will be divided into Levels into different grades, of course, if the gun is more expensive The quality will be better as well, friends.

– Start shooting With it, you can bring your fingers. Point, aim and touch the fish to shoot. or if you want convenience Players can choose to use the Auto system to shoot fish automatically.

– Firearms and ammunition can be increased / decreased or modified throughout the game.

shooting fish online

The goal of the fish shooting game easy way to win

The objective of this fish shooting game is that you all have to destroy all kinds of fish, both small and large. Nemo Clownfish, Snapper, Whales, etc., as well as marine life such as sea turtles, corals, crabs, shellfish or porcupines, you have to shoot and kill them all. Because all this is valuable assets, gold coins and prizes hidden in the fish. Each fish will have a point value. and different pay rates In this section, everyone can see the details. at that game

Of course, all income can be caused by killing fish The more bullets you throw at them. You too have a chance to win more easily. And every time you can complete the mission. Defeat them with the available reloading turrets. Kill a small fish or a big fish, it doesn’t matter how little or how much you kill. If you can blow them up You will receive money as a reward. All rewards will be paid to you within 3 seconds. ทางเข้า ufabet